Monday, October 13, 2008

The Destruction of a Society

Here's the thing....we are talking about a definition that will alter society! It has been this way for 1000's of years and all of a sudden a small group in our world society wants us to change not only tradition but how the majority of the people think and live to suite the smaller groups criteria.

Can you think of other societies that have fallen because of their lack of foresight and acceptance of destructive ways and lifestyles? History is full of them.

Marriage has always been the union of one man and one woman! Why is it necessary to change the meaning of marriage; the foundation of a strong and lasting society?

One reason groups outside of this smaller group are willing to go along with this change is so they can say they are open minded and understanding of this smaller groups feelings and needs. Okay, that does not make sense to me at all!

This small group of individuals (the gay society) have ALL of the RIGHTS, PRIVILEGES, CONCESSIONS, ENTITLEMENTS, FREEDOMS and ADVANTAGES as any married man and woman have today. The laws have already been afforded them legally by way of 'Civil Union's".

Marriage is Marriage - between a man and a woman.
Civil Union can be the union of a man and a man or a woman and a woman.

What everyone is NOT considering is the negative snowball effects this will absolutely have on our society as a whole. Other countries and states have gone along with accepting this change in terminology (the new definition of marriage) and many adults, children, businesses and their societies have suffered the consequences that have not yet been fully realized.

It will lead to government control and a loss of the majority of our citizens rights! This has been a planned progressive effort by many well organized gay individuals and groups over the past decade or longer. Just take a look at the history of all of this in my other post below this one.

You remember the story about the frog who jumped into the pot of cool water? He got COOKED! The heat was turned up slowly, little by little until it was too late for him to realize he needed to jump out to save his life. He just got used to the temperature and floated along thinking everything was cozy.....but like I said, he got boiled, then skinned and eaten. That is what has and will continue to happen here friends! Is it too late or are we going to be able to save ourselves, our families and our society? If you are at all concerned you must vote YES on Proposition 8!


A. said...

Protect our kids. Vote YES on Proposition 8

Download Gay Day information flyer for parents of school age children and grandchildren here:

I printed these up and passed them around my neighborhood. Parents need to know!

Anonymous said...

The idea that our public school administrators are unbiased observers in this election is a farce.

TODAY in our town, a prop 8 sign that was too close to school property was destroyed by two Conejo Valley Unified administrators. It was caught on camera.

There's no way they can say that they are unbiased in this debate. The ferocity and cruelty shows through. This is who runs our schools. This is the face of tolerance.